The Full Story

Dela Femme Beauty

Our Holistic  Beauty Journey began in St. Petersburg, FL 2017.Our founder Shavon Eal'ease was nothing out of the ordinary. She was a mother of a 3 year old baby boy. Shavon was much like you and i, living a normal working class lifestyle as a Makeup Artist and Waitress by night. Things were going seemingly well, until Eal'ease was suddenly hit with  Post-Partum Depression. This was a pivital moment where Eal'ease learned two things. One, she had been incredibly disconnected from herself. Two, she possesses the power to self heal. Through this healing process Eal'ease leaned heavily on Clean Eating, Sound Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and most importantly Self Care. Through this process process, she quickly realized, the life she lived was completely misaligned with who she knew she could be. How many of us can relate to that?

At that moment Eal'ease committed to help others  transform into the fullest version of themselves through Holistic Beauty

What we're offering is completely unique. A solution to a problem so many of us wish to ignore. That is, until we can't.

Connect with us, to reconnect with you. Lets become who we're truly meant to be, together.

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Each product used during our facial is plant-powered with intention to help our clients reconnect with themselves. We incorporate the healing power is Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy to curate a sensational experience During our sessions, we create a space for you to release all that you've been carrying.  After our Wellness Consultation, we ensure each client is equipped with healthier solutions to address all skin and life concerns.


Skin Care is a necessity not a Luxury. We envision a future where we all prioritize  time for soul care. Step into a future where you take time to nurture yourself, be yourself and love yourself